Alumni Association

The Association’s mission is to unite the creative and intellectual potential of alumni for the development of the University and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goals of the Association are:

  • to promote the interests and contribute to the development of the University and its alumni;
  • to establish mutually beneficial cooperation among the alumni;
  • to promote fulfilling intellectual, cultural, social and other creative engagements between the alumni and the University community;
  • to establish a community of the alumni contributing to professional growth of University graduates and students, as well as assistance in their professional development;
  • to engage the experience and capabilities of the alumni in implementing educational, research and social projects related to the University’s Strategy;
  • to facilitate conservation and development of the best traditions of the University;
  • to promote and enhance  the reputation of University as a leading educational, research and scientific center;
  • to oversee and organize fundraising and other activities in order to achieve the mission of the Association and the University.