НУ үйлену тойлар

In this section you’ll find love stories of couples who met each other at NU. Did you marry someone you met at NU? To share your story email us.

Assylkhan and  Malika are both NU alumni, both obtained BA in Economics, SHSS in 2015 and married right after Graduation in August 2015. The both started working as auditors at Deloitte, Malika is currently on maternity leave.

How and when did you meet each other?
We met in 2010 when we were on the Foundation program. Our mutual friends introduced us to each other.

When and where did you marry?
We married on August 9, 2015 in Karaganda.

Do you have children? How many?
We have a son Mansur, he is 8 months now.

What is the most exciting about your family life?
Our babyboy! They say that the first year after child birth is a serious test for a couple. We were lucky to avoid this crisis. Our child gives us so much joy every second and makes us so happy.

What are your favorite memories of life at NU?
We miss our University time, especially the first year at NU. There were only 500 of us and we were one big family.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years we see ourselves parents of three children and founders of our own audit company.

What are your three goals for 2017?
1. Pass АССА exams for career development

2. Get a promotion
3. Take our parents to Europe-trip