NU Alumni Mentorship program

The Alumni Mentorship Program is a collaborative program between the NU Alumni Association and Career and Advising Center which is designed to match students with alumni in a related industry or in the field of their further education. The aim of this program is to bring together current students with alumni through informative friendships; to offer students a link between academic study and the realities of the professional workplace, as well as access to valuable advice and professional networks.

Areas to mentor on:
• Continuing education (graduate application, GRE, GMAT, how to choose a university and etc.);
• Job search (how and where to search for jobs/internships within your industry, conducting mock interview, giving feedback on mentee’s CV);
• Career conversations (current trends, organizational culture, how to make a choice);
• Networking (what networking approaches are the best, how to network and where).

Mentor Mentee
  • Improves awareness of own
  • learning gaps
  • Develops ability to give and take
  • criticism
  • Develops up-to-date organizational
  • and professional knowledge
  • Improves leadership and communication skills
  • Develops ability to challenge, stimulate and reflect
  • Offers opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience
  • Develops learning, analytical and
  • reflective skills
  • Develops self-confidence
  • Develops ability to accept criticism
  • May accelerate professional development
  • Increases maturity
  • Broadens horizons
  • Reduces reality shock


  • The principle of voluntary participation. Participation in the Program should be the choice of a mentor and mentee. Mentors and mentees are not paid for their participation in the project, however, conversations, correspondence and meetings mentor and mentees should take place at a convenient time and in a convenient location;
  • The principle of confidentiality. Mentor and mentee should understand that all information, questions and conversations they share with each other are completely confidential;
  • The principle of improving skills. Mentor should understand that his job does not include making decisions for his mentee, the solution to his problems, or fix his mistakes.
  • The principle of improving the culture of behavior. The relationship between the mentor and mentees should be based solely on friendly basis.

Program Guide:

  • Alumni and students will be informed through the social media accounts, emails and web site about the Alumni Mentorship program.
  • Alumni and students will be asked to complete a profile to become a mentor or a mentee (this takes approximately 10 minutes).
  • When the list of mentors is ready, mentees will receive information and will contact mentors individually by phone or email.
  • Mentor has a right to accept or decline the request.
  • Further communication and meetings between mentors and mentees may occur in whichever form is agreed upon by the pair (phone, email, video chat, face to face, etc).
  • Participants are encouraged to connect at least once a month.
  • Participants assume responsibility for their own mentoring relationships however CAC staff representatives are available as needed.
  • Mentors and mentees are asked to share feedback with CAC about the experience during the Alumni mentorship program and ways CAC can improve the program.

The role of the mentor:

  • Build confidence
  • Role model
  • Coach
  • Share experiences as learning tools
  • Encourage professionalism
  • Proactively maintain contact and encourage open communication
  • Help problem solve
  • Facilitate career planning and development skills (targeting, networking, resume building)
  • Help the student externalize classroom education
  • Encourage introspection
  • Facilitate goal-setting and being goal-oriented
  • Maintain privacy/confidentiality

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Be available, as your schedule permits, to work with the student
  • Consistent communication via phone, email or other media choice
  • Establish regular “meeting” times; readjusting as at the start of a new semester
  • Active listening
  • Guidance to help the student achieve goals
  • Provide insights, input and feedback to the program coordinator to provide continuous assessment and improvements to the program.

In order to become one of our mentors please fill in this form  or contact Mrs. Gaini Yessembekova, Senior Мanager at NU Career and Advising Center by telephone +7 (7172) 705886 or e-mail:

You may also contact NU professors who can help with graduate application process and with questions about life after graduation? The list of NU professors is available at the CAC website.