Alumnus of the month

Nurlyaiym Zhaksybayeva


Name: Nurlyaiym Zhaksybayeva

Age: 24

Current location (city, country): Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree, School, Year of Graduation: Master in public policy, GSPP, 2016

Career (Current occupation): Expert, JSC “Center for trade policy development”

Interests:  politics, football (Manchester United), reading, walking

Aliya Sultanova


Name: Aliya Sultanova

Age: 26

Current location (city, country): Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA

Degree, School, Year of Graduation: Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University`2015

Career (Current occupation): Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (Primary instructor)

Interests: traveling, Indian movies, reading biographies of famous people, folk & jazz dance.

Sergey Bocharov


Name: Sergey Bocharov

Age: 25

Current location (city, country): Karaganda

Degree, School, Year of Graduation: MSc (2017) and Bachelor (2015) in Mechanical Engineering, SEng

Career (Current occupation): Borusan Makina Kazakhstan

Interests: Reading , sports history

Kamila Rollan


Name: Kamila Rollan

Age: 23

Current location (city, country): Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree, School, Year of Graduation: Political Science, SHSS, 2016

Career (Current occupation): Master of Science student in Educational Leadership at NUGSE

Interests: Educational Policy, Inclusive Education, Volunteerism and Civil Society, Minority Issues and Discrimination

Aisulu Sanat


Age: 25
Current location (city, country):  Atyrau/Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree, School, Year of Graduation:  MSc in Educational Leadership, Class of 2015
Career (Current occupation): Branch Director “Bolashak Engineering” LLP, Founder of “Sanat Jewelry”
Interests: ceramics, yoga, theatre, and reading about business and marketing.

What is your current position and how is it connected to ceramics or jewelry making?
I have a project commitment in Atyrau where I am working as a Branch Director of Bolashak Engineering LLP to deliver a social project Zangar. Zangar is Chevron’s initiative that brings innovative and interactive education to young people in Atyrau. In partnership with the International Youth Foundation (IYF), Akimat of Atyrau Region, the initiative combines interactive training, practical experiences, and community engagement to provide unique learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. Our team delivers intensive courses to youth on programming, 3D Modeling, Engineering and Robotics.