Филиалы Ассоциации

Through alumni chapters NU Alumni are able to develop and maintain friendships and networking opportunities with other alumni, share nostalgic ties to the past, and strengthen their relationship to their Alma mater and current students.

The Chapters are established on a voluntary basis upon the filled application form.                                                                                NU Alumni Chapters are listed below and the names of our  Representatives there


Name: Alibek Nurkesh
Year of Graduation: 2016
City: Beijing
Contact details: anurkesh@nu.edu.kz

South Korea

Name: Sanzhar Askaruly
Year of Graduation: 2018
School: Seng, Electrical Engineering
City: Ulsan, South Korea
Contact details: saskaruly@nu.edu.kz

United Kingdom

Name: Aliya Sembayeva
Year of Graduation: 2015
City: Liverpool, UK
Contact details: asembayeva@nu.edu.kz

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Name: Kairat Tugylbay
Year of Graduation: 2016
City: Almaty city
Contact details: ktugylbay@nu.edu.kz

Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Name: Aisulu Sanat
Year of Graduation:2014
City: Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Contact details: aisulu.sanat@nu.edu.kz