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Alumni Networking event "After work"

On February 9th Nazarbayev University Alumni Association and Career and Advising Center held the first networking event for alumni and NU partners “After work”.
The aim of the event is to create the platform for communication and networking between alumni and potential employers in cozy and informal atmosphere.
Guest speaker at the event was supposed to be Mr.Yerlan Karin, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies.  However, due to his new appointment as Chairman of «Kazakhstan» TV and Radio Corporation Mr.Karin could not attend the event.
Nevertheless guests enjoyed welcome drinks from hosts, participated in contests and games, and listened to standup show of Alexandr Merkul. It should be pointed out that all prizes were provided by alumni themselves, in particular jewelry from Aisulu Sanat, founder of Sanat Jewelry and Certificates for Quest room “Vzaperti” from Olzhas Akbayev.
Photos from the event are here.

Certificates of Appreciation

The 1st NU Alumni Reunion that took place in October 2016 was a very significant event for the whole University. It was a success and it was only possible thanks to help and active engagement of all structural divisions and NU volunteers.
So, in recognition and sincere appreciation of outstanding service and assistance in conducting the 1st Alumni Reunion Career and Advising Center held an official Presentation Ceremony of Certificates of Appreciation to NU Staff and Volunteers.
We highly appreciate contribution of every single person involved in organization of the Reunion and we hope that we will continue to work as one team during future University events.

Guest lecture by Schwarzman Scholars

Max Song, Yevgeniya KIm and Alibek Nurkesh

You all know about our alumnus Alibek Nurkesh who received Schwarzman Scholarship and currently studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.  Alibek organized a study trip of his fellow Schwarzman Scholars to Kazakhstan and on January 26th Max Song, one of Schwarzman Scholars gave a guest lecture on “How to do hard things”. He talked on his experiences working in Silicon Valley, embracing a culture of risk taking and failure, and the importance of grit and persistence for living a life of impact.
Max is 24 years old and grew up in Beijing, Shanghai and Chicago.

In the last 5 years, Max Song has worked at NASA Ames Research Center, doing genetic engineering, taught as a Teaching Fellow at Singularity University, founded Brown University's Student Accelerator, and took a leave of absence from school to work as the youngest data scientist at Ayasdi, a DARPA-funded machine learning company in Silicon Valley. His work took him on stints in New York (where he built predictive models for a Fortune 10 bank), London (on an electronic trading project), Paris (a personal AI company). During his time away from university, he also co-wrote and published the Data Science Handbook (thedatasciencehandbook.com), which received a profile in Forbes and 10,000 downloads across 100 countries. He also founded the One Salon (onesalon.org), an intellectual community that grew from one chapter at Stanford to 16 cities around the world, from Paris, to London, to Nairobi, Berne, Nanjing, New York and more. In December this year, he was awarded the 2016 Schwarzman Scholar, to pursue his dual passions in data and diplomacy. He is founding Prometheus Education (prometheuseducation.org), a next-generation globally distributed, education project that is launching its pilot program past summer in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley.

Alibek Nurkesh

Alibek Nurkesh is a recent graduate who pursued a double major in Economics and International Relations at Nazarbayev University, a new Western-style institution built to train the next generation of Central Asian leaders. As someone who is passionate about youth empowerment and leadership, Alibek co-founded and led a new chapter of Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, the world’s largest youth-run organization, in Astana, Kazakhstan. Following Schwarzman Scholars, Alibek aspires to return to Kazakhstan and contribute to further development of his country. He is determined to pursue a career in the energy field and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in the world.

Click here for the video of guest lecture on Periscope.

Alumni meeting in Almaty

On November 6, 2016 our alumni in Almaty participated in the NU Information Day. Dauren Zhekenbay, Akmaral Biyarova and Kayirgazy Akazhanov helped as NU Alumni Ambassadors and shared their experience with future applicants and their parents. In the evening a group of alumni met with Alumni Relations senior manager Gaini Yessembekova who traveled to Almaty.
According to statistics 10% of employed NU alumni currently live in Almaty.




It was in June 2015 that the University held its first Graduation Ceremony and on October 29, 2016 the 1st Alumni Reunion took place in the new University building in Astana. More than 300 alumni and guests from different cities of Kazakhstan and abroad attended the Reunion. Alumni got an opportunity to meet their classmates and the Faculty in warm and friendly atmosphere.

The aim of the Reunion was to unite the two cohorts of graduates from Class 2015 and 2016, to develop and strengthen professional networks between NU graduates and to create a new tradition at the University.

Alumni Reunion started with a warm welcome from University leadership; our alumni and guests learned more about NU Alumni Association and listened to the performances of NU Orchestra and alumni. The second part of the Reunion was called LEADERS talks, where some of our alumni and special guests shared their success stories and experience. A number of alumni work and study abroad, so they could not participate at the Reunion, but they sent videos with their wishes and congratulations, which were shown at the Reunion. There was also live streaming available on Periscope.

Right after the Reunion there was an evaluation survey, where alumni could leave their comments and suggestions. 85% of the respondents highly evaluated the Reunion with scores from 3 to 5 out of 5 according to the scale. Moreover, the event inspired 85% of graduates to take part in future events. And it is worth pointing out that 70% of respondents expressed willingness to help plan future NU Alumni events.

Bowling Competition

On February 21, 2016 NU alumni gathered for the “Bowling Competition”. Alumni were divided into several teams and fought for the 1st place and interesting prizes. They came up with funny Team names and shared positive emotions during the game!
Here are the winners:

1st place – Team “ANAR”    

2nd place – Team “Sayat Group”

3rd place – Team “Jack Dent”



Meeting with Mrs. Dairova in Boston

On January 27th, 2016 Kadisha Dairova visited Boston, USA and it was nice meeting her at the informal meeting with NU alumni.  She took care of us for 5 years while studying at Nazarbayev University and continues this warm relationship even after the graduation. It was three of us at the meeting: Aisulu Aitbekova (MIT), Ainur Kadyrbayeva (Boston University) and Azat Suleimenov (Boston University).

We were glad to hear good news about our alma-mater and it turns out that just in 6 months so many things have changed. As always, our University is developing dynamically. Foreign universities have begun to learn about NU as a breakthrough project in Central Asia and many of them are ready to cooperate.

We also talked about "Bolashak" program and achievements of first graduates all over the world. We hope that in few years we will also make NU proud of us and our achievements will be recognized.

Thank you NU for our student years and memories,

From Azat Suleimenov and Ainur Kadyrbayeva


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