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There are NU graduates in so many countries and regions around the world, some of them work, and others pursue further education.
Despite the distance, Nazarbayev University is looking forward to maintaining life-long relationships with you as NU graduates and invites you to become an Alumni Ambassador.

Who is an Alumni Ambassador and what does s/he do?

  • Alumni Ambassador is a contact point for prospective students interested in NU, for visiting staff, students and alumni
  • Alumni Ambassador provides insight and feedback on student interest and trends
    • Alumni Ambassador encourages today’s students to see themselves as future alumni and valuable members of NU community
  • Alumni Ambassador assists in the organization of alumni gatherings in your area
  • Alumni Ambassador assists at local and overseas recruitment fairs and exhibitions attended by NU Admissions Department.

Why become an Alumni Ambassador?

As an ambassador you have an opportunity:

  • To enhance your own personal and professional development
  • To further develop your communications skills
  • To give back to NU – playing an active role in the promotion and development of your Alma mater
  • To take advantage of excellent networking opportunities.
  • Insider updates, be the first to know exclusive
  • Regular ambassador updates
  • Your Ambassador Profile on our websites
  • Promotion of your personal blog and social media
  • T-Shirts, NU t-shirt, etc
  • Appreciation Certificate
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Fantastic experience to put on your resume

How to become an Alumni Ambassador?

  • Read the Handbooks of NUASRA and NUASMA if you selected these roles
  • Complete the form expressing interest in the ambassador role
  • By receiving information your profile will be created and published here on the NU alumni website
  • NU responsible unit will contact you to proceed further

 Become an Ambassador

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