Сіз тарихи оқиғаға қатыстыңыз ба?

Established in November 2018 the «NU Alumni» Public Association started its independent activities by conducting the first event – the Intellectual Games Series for NU alumni. The first on-campus game of the season was hold on January 26 and organized by NU Alumni PA Council with the assistance of an initiative team of graduates.

More than 80 alumni of the 13 teams actively competed in three hours game. The six rounds (Warm-up, Audio, Quick-Pick, Difficult, Thematic and Final Round) of the game were designed to define the most intelligent, ingenious and fun team.

According to the results, a team “ERG” took the first place, “Шюд Фй Кол Ю Миста?” occupied the second and “Мемасики” – the third place. The Winners awarded the Intellectual Game cups and special NU gifts.

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