14 ambassadors (8 in Kazakhstan, 6 abroad)

Amanbek Omirkhan
SEng, International Relations,Aktobe
Darya Aronova
SHSS, Almaty
Assel Mais
GSE, Almaty
Zhanar Raimbekova
Aruzhan Babazhanova
SST, SOM, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan
Dias Baimagulov
GSPP, Beijing, Nur-Sultan
Madiyar Aiyp
GSPP, Nur-Sultan; Canada, Toronto; Japan, Tokyo
Diana Petukhova
GSPP, Yerevan and Tbilisi
Shynggys Sadyk
SST, Milan
Talgat Bainazarov
GSE, East Lansing, MI
Nigina Baimukhamedova
SST, San Francisco Bay Area
Alisher Duspayev
SST, Michigan, Ann Arbor
Aidana Kassymova
Sandra Real
SHSS, Masters

NUASRA is to assist NU Admissions Department in recruiting qualified students by encouraging potential students to apply to NU and providing them with useful information and resources.

As NUASRA, you will:

  • Attend the training of the Admissions Department
  • Contribute your time to act as NUASRA

Comply with the NU’s s policies and procedures and keep important information confidential

  • Assist in coordinating events (fairs, information sessions, NU Days, etc.) and spreading information about the events in your community
  • Meet or speak informally with prospective students in your area about your NU student experience
  • Collect emails of potential candidates and pass them to the Admissions Department
  • Provide feedback to the Admissions Department regarding recruitment materials and activities
  • Stay in touch with the Admissions Department via email, phone and inform if there is a change in your city/country of residence

Responsible unit – NU Career Advising Center Alumni Relation Unit

Co-responsible unit –  Office of Enrollment Management,

Alina Maxatova

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