21 ambassadors (11 in Kazakhstan, 10 abroad)

Darya Aronova
SHSS, Almaty
Yerkebulan Saparov
SEng, Almaty
Dina Amanzholova (Askarova)
SHSS, Almaty
Madiyar Aiyp
GSPP, Canada, Japan
Akzhol Zambayev
SST, Nur-Sultan
Zhanar Raimbekova
GSB, Nur-Sultan, Almaty
Yermek Tussupbekov
SST, Nur-Sultan
Aruzhan Babazhanova
SST, SOM, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan
Gulzhaina Nusserova
SST, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan
Dias Baimagulov
GSPP, Beijing, Nur-Sultan
Diana Petukhova
GSPP, Yerevan and Tbilisi
Talgat Bainazarov
GSE, East Lansing, MI
Murat Yessenov
SST, Orlando
Madiyar Tyurin
SSHS, Boston, USA
Arkalyk Akash
SST, Berlin
Alisher Duspayev
SST, Michigan, Ann Arbor
Aidana Kassymova
Shynggys Sadyk
SST, Milan
Bexultan Alimzhanov
SST, Seoul, Nur-Sultan
Daniyar Batyrov
SEng, Dubai
Sandra Real
SHSS, Nur-Sultan

Brand Ambassador is NU alumni who want to stay connected with Alma-Mater and support NU in achieving its mission.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will:

  • Attend the on- and offline training of the CAC,
  • Assist NU with events they host in your region,
  • Assist NU CAC with finding internship and employment opportunities,
  • Provide region, industry, company, profession information to NU CAC staff, students and alumni visiting your region,
  • Serve as a point of contact to share your NU academic, employment and career experience after graduation with people interested in NU,
  • Use Nazarbayev University branded goods and attributes only for the purpose of promotion of the

Responsible unit – NU Career Advising Center Alumni Relation Unit


Become NU Ambassador