Nazarbayev University launched the NU Alumni Ambassador program in May of 2017. 28 outstanding alumni-ambassadors from each Classes of 2015 and 2018 established the strong alumni ambassador community and supported their Alma Mater on different matters.

In 2019 the Program was relaunched to make NU alumni network stronger and more professional. Three new categories of ambassadors were established for specific areas of collaboration.

NU Alumni Ambassador Program’s objectives

  • to support in strengthening NU reputation and positive image
  • to contribute to NU internationalization process
  • to expand the network of NU alumni around the world
  • to make NU alumni community more connected and engaged

NU Alumni Ambassador Program aligns with the goals of the NU Alumni Engagement Strategy

3.3. Networking opportunities

Objective: To make connections between alumni and the University community a cornerstone  by providing more opportunities for interaction and networking


  • Develop initiatives and programs targeted at early engagement of students to grow into loyal alumni
  • Develop new alumni engagement initiatives and programs and enhance the existing ones targeted at different alumni categories

3.4. Clear communication

Objective: Provide an easy, effective and quick method of communication between the University, its organizations, students and alumni.


  • Develop effective communication means and mechanisms to help ease issues, speed up processes and increase awareness.

Correlation with NU values and mandates

Ambassador Program by its purpose, nature, and content should embrace the core values and principles enshrined in NU Strategy 2018-2030 in the process of stimulating and facilitating the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial activities.

Ambassadors should be guided by NU’s core values such as:

  1. embracing diversity;
  2. equal access;
  3. meritocracy;
  4. integrity;
  5. professionalism and high ethical principles;
  6. transparency and openness.

Activities and initiatives in the framework of the NU Alumni Ambassadors Program should contribute towards the achievement of NU’s institutional mandates:

  1. Educational Reform Leadership,
  2. Academic Excellence,
  3. Research Excellence,
  4. Creating an Integrated Academic Healthcare System,
  5. Innovation and Translating Research into Production
NU Alumni Ambassador are
  • a positive and enthusiastic graduate of Nazarbayev University,
  • proud and love telling everyone that you graduated from NU,
  • believe in the goals and mission of Nazarbayev University,
  • ready to volunteer on positively promoting NU and acting as University ambassadors in your region,
  • enjoy motivating and inspiring others,
  • want to help other NU graduates and students in your region,
  • love engaging on social media,
  • have established interpersonal communication skills
Benefits of the Alumni Ambassador
  • Enhancing your own personal and professional development
  • Further developing your communications skills
  • Giving back to NU – playing an active role in the promotion and development of your Alma Mater
  • Taking advantage of excellent networking opportunities with alumni, students and entire community
  • Making a difference in the community
  • Having fun
NU CAC Alumni Relations are the responsible unit for the implementation of the Program and will:
  • Gather Alumni Ambassador applications, review them, contact the alumni and maintain the relationship
  • Publish the Alumni Ambassadors name, program, year, and contact info on NU Alumni webpage, and on CAC and NU Alumni social media
  • Share with the Alumni ambassadors information about alumni living within their region, and assist them to connect with those graduates
  • Connect the Alumni Ambassador with NU resources and contacts regarding activities in their region, when appropriate
  • Inform Alumni Ambassadors about NU activities/initiatives/news within their region, if any
  Program Structure
 Attraction and registration


Attracting alumni to become NU Alumni Ambassador

Completing an online profile




Attending training/orientation session to be eligible for participation, which will be hold by NU CAC.

Taking part in the development and implementation of  CAC action plan


Awarding and Improving


Collecting ambassadors’ feedback about the participation experience and possible improvement ways

Awarding the most active ambassadors

NU Alumni Ambassadors roles

There are four roles defined for NU Alumni Ambassadors

You can choose one, two or all four roles for volunteering. 

Read NU Alumni Ambassador’s Agreement

Become NU Ambassador

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