8 ambassadors (6 in Kazakhstan, 2 abroad)

Yermek Tussupbekov
SST, Nur-Sultan
Darya Aronova
SHSS, Almaty
Aiman Salmenbayeva
SEng, Almaty
Aigerim Kagarmanova
SHSS, Nur-Sultan
Dias Baimagulov
GSPP, Beijing, Nur-Sultan
Aruzhan Babazhanova
SST, SOM, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan
Talgat Bainazarov
GSE, East Lansing, MI
Shynggys Sadyk
SST, Milan

NUASMA is NU alumni who help spread the news of positive stories, exciting events, exclusive opportunities, announcements and more.

As NUASMA, you will:

  • Attend the on- and offline training of the NU Press Office;
  • Maintain personal accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn;
  • Follow NU and alumni social media accounts;
  • Receive sample language and content from NU Press Office;
  • Post the shared content that personally resonates on personal social media platforms;
  • Spread NU and alumni messaging via shares, comments and likes;
  • Use Nazarbayev University branded goods and attributes only for the purpose of promotion of the University;

Responsible unit:

NU Career Advising Center Alumni Relation Unit

Co-responsible unit:

NU Press-Office and Nurlan Ismailov at

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