Alumni Stories

NU alumni are achieving their dreams.

They shared their journeys with us to help inspire others.

Aidana Kassymova

Aidana Kassymova

NU alumnus of 2015.

Currently, I'm working as a Supervising Senior auditor in KPMG Lower Gulf Limited in Dubai office, UAE.



Otepov Sultan

An alumnus of Class of 2018 is currently studying Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.




Kapysheva Aizhan

An alumna of Class of 2016 works as a Senior Analysis at Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority in UAE Dubai.




Auyelbekova Dinara

An alumna of Class of 2015 works as a Director of American Space Almaty

What did you get from studying at NU? Knowing that anything is possible, even becoming a captain of the best basketball team in Astana with a height of 1.6 meters.




Tazhi Kulzhan

Hi, My name is Tazhi Kulzhan’15 and I am a Rotating equipment engineer (Machinery, whichever way you want to call it) at North Caspian Operating Company


Nurbek Tazhimbetov

You think you will be happy when you graduate from college, when you get high GPA, when you travel abroad, when you have money when you move the US. Are you happy now?


Aliya Sembayeva 

Nazarbayev University was a starting point of my journey into Chemistry World, which is full of challenges and awards at the same time.


Yerkebulan Saparov

I am 23, older than Iron Mike when he became the world champion, younger than Ray Kroc when he founded McDonald’s. Still, it does not matter; the only thing that matters is you being better than you yesterday.


Madina Kabdualiyeva

 About my acceptance to graduate school: I graduated from Nazarbayev University in 2016, with BA in Political Science and International Relations, and Sociology as the second major.