Ambassadors have a desire to stay in touch with Nazarbayev University, have pride in Alma mater and are willing to help spread the news of positive stories, exciting events, exclusive opportunities, announcements and more.

NU Social Media Ambassadors will be asked to regularly post content that interests them on their personal social media pages and content they believe would resonate with alumni in their social networks. In addition, they’ll share time-sensitive information relating to NU initiatives, programs and events.

Can you answer “yes” to the following? If so, you’re a perfect fit!

  • Are you an alumnus or alumna of Nazarbayev University?
  • Do you love engaging on social media?
  • Do you believe in the mission of Nazarbayev University?
  • Are you willing to post and share NU news and information on your personal social channels?
  • Are you excited to connect with alumni and students and grow the online NU community and network?
  • Do you enjoy winning swag and prizes?

Responsibilities of NUASMA

Maintain personal accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn.

  • Follow NU and alumni social media accounts.
  • Receive sample language and content from NU Press Office
  • Post the shared content that personally resonates on personal social media platforms.
  • Spread NU and alumni messaging via shares, comments and likes.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Insider updates; be the first to know exclusive information.
  • Regular ambassador updates
  • Your own page on our website with an Ambassador Profile
  • Promotion of your personal blog and social media
  • Letter of recommendation
  • NU t-shirt!
  • Fantastic experience to put on your resume

Want to learn more?

Contact or Nurlan Ismailov at


Social Media Policy and Procedures


This policy provides guidance for ambassador use of social media, which should be broadly understood for purposes of this policy to include blogs, microblogs, newsletters, online forums, social networking sites, and other sites and services that permit users to share information with others in a contemporaneous manner.


The following principles apply to the professional use of social media on behalf of NU Alumni as well as personal use of social media when referencing NU Alumni.

NUASMAs will be trained by NU Press office and learn about University policies when using social media on behalf of NU Alumni.

NUASMAs should be aware of what impact their actions can have on their images, as well as NU and NU alumni’s image.

NUASMAs should use their best judgment when publishing materials that are neither unacceptable nor harmful to NU and NU Alumni, its partners, or customers.

NUASMAs should be aware that some specific examples of prohibited behavior on social media include posting comments, content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous can create a hostile environment.

NUASMAs shall not publish, post or release any information that is deemed confidential, inappropriate, or not public. If there are questions about what are confidential, NUASMAs should clarify with the NU Press Office.

NUASMAs should get appropriate permission before you refer to or post images of current or former students, alumni, members, vendors or suppliers.

Additionally, NUASMAs  should get appropriate permission to use a third party’s copyrights, copyrighted material, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property.